Authentically preserved prison complex, unique of its kind in Central Europe

The museum of communism victims and uranium mining history

This is an authentically preserved prison area, which is unique in Central Europe. This was originally a prison camp for German war prisoners. Located in between former uranium mines, it served as a forced labour camp in 1949–1951. The site was used as a prison for political prisoners of the communist regime until 1961. The museum exhibitions feature instances of persecution after the communist takeover in February 1948. They include documents dealing with anticommunist resistance and provide information about the history of uranium mining in this area.

In 1947–1949 a labour camp was built by German war prisoners in the middle of the forest some three miles south east of Příbram (a town located 582 metres above sea level) on the borderlines between the village areas of Laškov, Lešetice and Zavržice. The camp was called „Vojna“ which is the name of a nearby hill at the foot of which it is located. Similar camps existed also in the Jáchymov and Slavkov areas. All these camps were used for the mining of strategically important uranium ores.

According to valid international treaties, the German prisoners of war had to be moved to Germany at the end of 1940s and at the beginning of 1950s. A problem arose as to how the vacated workplaces would be filled. After the communist takeover in 1948 and the subsequent changes in the law, the then leadership of the Czechoslovak state decided to use a large number of inmates from who from the middle of 1949 for forced labour, these peole were sent to the former Vojna war prisoner camp.

Tour Areas

Guided Tour A:

  • Tour of the labour camp area with restored periodic buildings of the Former Commander’s Office, the Punitive Cell called „bunkr“, Medical Surgery, House of Culture, Residential Building G and other buildings.
  • The exhibition in the Commander’s Headquarters features persecution after the 1948 communist takeover and the Third Czechoslovak Resistance. Sculptures by Jiří Sozanský located outside the buildings depict human beings under the pressure of totalitarian power.

Guided Tour B:

  • Permanent exhibition „Uranium in Czech History“ features the development of uranium mining during the past two centuries and its impact on science, technology and society in the Czech lands.
  • The mining train ride (300 m).

Guided Tour C:

  • The „Orbis Pictus: Europa“ Gallery features contemporary European visual arts and the so-called „Unending Canvas“, which is placed in the former New Kitchen building.
Plán areálu Památníku Vojna

Admission fee

  • Tour sites A + B + C together
    • Adults 60 CZK
    • Children, seniors and students 30 CZK
    • Family ticket (2 adults + 2–4 children ) 140 CZK
  • Tour sites A, B individually
    • Adults 40 CZK
    • Children, seniors and students 20 CZK
    • Family ticket (2 adults + 2–4 children ) 100 CZK
  • Tour site C individually
    • Adults 20 CZK
    • Children, seniors and students 10 CZK
  • The mining train ride
    • Adults 10 CZK
    • Children, seniors and students 5 CZK
  • A discount is available for holders of ISIC, ITIC or IYTC, EURO <26 and EUROBEDS cards.
  • Ticket Multi vouchers, Ticket Sport & Culture vouchers, Ticket Compliments, Cadhoc, Unisek+
  • Free for the holdem of the AMG, ICOM, DMF and Deutscher Museumsbund passes are accepted.
  • Free parking.
  • Photo fee 20 CZK.
Areál Památníku Vojna - z interiérové expozice


Where to find us

How to Get There

  • Arrive from Příbram along 1st class road No. 66 in the direction of Milín, turn right near the village of Lešetice and continue along a local road in the direction of Lešetice towards the Vojna Prison Camp (at a distance of some five miles from Příbram).
  • Arrive from Prague and from Strakonice along 1st class road No. 4, turn off at the village of Milín onto 1st class road No. 66 in the direction of Příbram, on the level of the village of Lešetice turn to a local road in the direction of Lešetice, the Vojna Prison Camp (at a distance of some two miles from the crossroads with road No. 4).
Památník Vojna Lešetice

Lešetice 52
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