Exhibition mapping the area from antiquity through the Middle Ages to the present

The museum of rural population life of the Central Vltava Region

The exhibition of this museum is housed in a Baroque barn which was built in 1770 by the Order of the Knights of the Cross with A Red Star. The exhibition features information about the life of country people living in the central Vltava region in the 19th and the 20th centuries. The archeological part of the exhibition is devoted to the oldest history of this region, which was connected with the mining and the processing of gold ore. The archeological part of the exhibition also includes a series of finds from the archeological excavations of the celtic oppidum Hrazany.

The village Prostřední Lhota is located approximately three miles south west from the town of Nový Knín in the direction of Cholín in the vicinity of the river Vltava. The village Prostřední Lhota is a part of the Central Vltava Region, namely its Northern section in the vicinity of the Slapy Dam. The first reports mentioning the village date from 1335. The villages of Prostřední Lhota and the neighboring Táborná Lhota were founded by Kucman of Hohenstolen, a burgher of the town of Knín. This man was a wealthy mining enterpreneur in Nový Knín in the first half of the 14th century. In 1669, the village Prostřední Lhota was acquired by the Order of the Knights of the Cross with A Red Star. The order also purchased the estate of Starý Knín including the village of Prostřední Lhota from Petr Vratislav of Mitrovice.


Admission fee

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  • Family ticket (2 adults + 2–4 children ) 100 CZK


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Where to find us

Muzeum Špýchar Prostřední Lhota

Prostřední Lhota 1
262 03 Nový Knín
tel.: +420 702 019 932, +420 318 543 958 (v sezoně), +420 318 633 138 (mimo sezonu do sídla muzea)

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