The museum of rural buildings of the Central Vltava Region

This open-air museum preserves valuable monuments of rural architecture, which demonstrate the development of the peasant home from the mid 18th to the early 20th century in the Central Bohemian Highlands and the Central Vltava Region, in an area affected by the extraction of stone. Residential, agricultural and technical buildings, as well as minor religious monuments which were threatened by destruction in their original sites are now being gradually transferred to an area within a river valley. An indoor exhibition features village life and village farming methods.

The Middle Vltava Region is unique in Central Bohemia due to a relatively high number of preserved items of folk architecture from the 18th to early 20th century. There are also much older monuments, such as stone parts of buildings from the late Middle Ages and 17th century stone gates. This region is remarkable due to the occurence of a characteristic type of peasant building from the Berounka river region and from the Central Bohemian Highlands. The style of this peasant building has been influenced by architectural styles of the surrounding regions. The preserved residential and agricultural buildings also provide information about the history of the settlement within this region. The collections in the regional museum include rural household equipment, folk clothing, agricultural and handicraft tools and equipment and other items documenting the peasant farming methods.

Museum excursions

Tour A (guided tour, 60 minutes):

  • house from Mašov – water sawmill from Dolní Sloupnice – water mill from Radešice, house from Obděnice – house from Řikov

Tour B (individual):

  • barn from Mašov – two granaries from Počepice – house from Arnoštovice – smithy from Počepice – shed from Arnoštovice – polygonal barn from Podolí – small beehive from Semtínek – shed from Jíví – agricultural building from Městečko – barn from Brdy – barn from Řikov – house from Obděnice

Entry fees

Admission fee

  • Tour sites A + B together
    • Adults 100 CZK
    • Children, seniors and students 50 CZK
    • Family ticket (2 adults + 2–4 children ) 250 CZK
  • Tour site B 
    • Adults 60 CZK
    • Children, seniors and students 30 CZK
    • Family ticket (2 adults + 2–4 children ) 150 CZK
  • A discount is available for holders of ISIC, ITIC, IYTC.
  • Ticket Multi vouchers, Ticket Sport & Culture vouchers, Ticket Compliments, Cadhoc, Unisek+
  • Free for the holdem of the AMG, ICOM, ZMS passes are accepted.
  • Free parking.


Where to find us

Muzeum vesnických staveb středního Povltaví
262 52 Vysoký Chlumec
tel.: +420 733 371 546 (v sezoně), +420 318 633 138 (mimo sezonu do sídla muzea)

Do muzea